UF College of Pharmacy ranks No. 3 in new AACP research rankings

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The University of Florida College of Pharmacy’s top-tier research programs garnered further recognition as the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, or AACP, ranked the college No. 3 nationally in annual research funding. Researchers in the college secured a record $41 million last year, surpassing the previous year’s total by nearly $9 million

AACP compiles research data from more than 140 colleges of pharmacy around the county. For the third consecutive year, the UF College of Pharmacy ranked No. 3 in all three major categories where annual research funding is reported: NIH funding ($32.6 million), federal funding ($35.1 million), and total funding ($41 million).

The UF College of Pharmacy set new funding records in all three categories, and the AACP reported that 56 unique investigators in the college received grant funding.

“In the 100-year history of the UF College of Pharmacy, we’ve never seen a year where our researchers achieved such remarkable success in securing grant funding,” said Peter W. Swaan, Ph.D., M.Pharm., dean and professor in the UF College of Pharmacy. “The pathway toward improving human health begins with research, and these new grants will offer incredible opportunities to develop safer and more effective drug therapies.”

Swaan also praised the research teams and support staff who assist faculty with the grant applications and carrying out the research. The team effort was instrumental in the college eclipsing the $40 million mark in annual research funding for the first time.

AACP publishes the Funded Research Grant Institutional Rankings annually on its website. The reporting period follows the federal fiscal year from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30.

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