Top 5 mobile apps for HR professionals


Take a look at some of the convenient apps available for download from iTunes and Google Play to help business owners and human resource professionals stay up-to-date and informed about the HR industry, even while they are on-the-go!


  • HR Management
    Stay on top of the latest trends and best practices in human resources with this free, user-friendly mobile application. The app includes informative articles and videos so you can stay up-to-date on recent HR news, strategies and industry developments.


  • Employee Manager
    For the busy, on-the-go boss, Employee Manager helps you keep your employee records straight, right from your smartphone. Within the app, you can set and track performance goals, log meeting notes and record employee incidents. The app also tracks important employee milestones, so you’ll never miss another birthday or employment anniversary again!


  • FutuHR
    For small to medium sized businesses, employee records are often tracked in messy spreadsheets. No more! FutuHR can track everything from employee attendance and vacation to benefits and payroll. FutuHR integrates with many payroll systems, including QuickBooks. The app helps HR managers keep employee records organized and secure; and because the app is cloud-based, it can be accessed easily from any mobile device.


  • Spark Hire
    Spark Hire is an innovative video résumé and video interviewing application that helps businesses easily update their HR recruitment tactics. Via Spark Hire, applicants can record their video application using a smartphone or tablet and send it to employers to watch at their convenience, or a live video interview can be coordinated. Spark Hire simplifies and streamlines the hiring process.


  • iappreciate
    Celebrating small wins can go a long way in the workplace. This recognition-focused app helps employers celebrate their staff’s great work. (And happy, appreciated employees make for motivated, loyal workers.) Employers can send e-cards or personal notes thanking employees for their efforts (with a little flair)! You can also build and print a certificate right from the app. Employers can even share praise publicly with the rest of the staff or on social media so everyone will know they have an awesome team.

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