The Dance of Working With Your Spouse


Starting a family wasn’t enough to keep Paul and Kristin Privette busy during the 2008 recession. With their newborn son along for the ride, they decided to go all-in on their dreams of opening a photography studio. 

The fledgling family sold their house and car, pared down their bills, and moved into a garage apartment. And the work didn’t stop when they opened the doors of Footstone Photography for the first time. 

To make ends meet while their business gained ground, Paul drove limousines at night while Kristin maintained her part-time job at a yearbook photography company.

Looking back now, 13 years and 3 sons later, the husband-and-wife team can see how all the pieces fell into place.

Seasoned competitors became mentors, a videography opportunity saved them from a year without weddings, and the Foostone founders stayed strong through it all.

Paul has only the best to say about his wife. “There’s nobody I would rather work with.”

And Kristin feels the same.

“We just have this dance… It’s like we can communicate with our eyes… It’s just seamless and it’s beautiful and it’s fun. It doesn’t feel like work when we’re shooting.”

“Patience starts to grow when the question becomes less of ‘why am I here, why am I doing this’… You start to see that God is working in the long term. That’s when the question gets flipped around and you start listening.”

Listen to the 153rd episode of the WHOA GNV podcast to hear more about Kristin and Paul’s entrepreneurial journey.

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