Solis Mammography Announces Acquisition of MUSIC Imaging Center

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Solis Mammography, a women’s health company and the nation’s largest independent provider of specialized breast health services, has announced the acquisition of MUSIC Mammography and Ultrasound Imaging Center in Gainesville. For more than 10 years, MUSIC has provided patients with an advanced standard of care through an expert radiology team of breast and general ultrasound imagers and technologists.

MUSIC’s legacy of providing specialized expertise in a caring and compassionate setting makes it a natural fit in the Solis Mammography family of innovative wellness and diagnostic imaging centers. As a leader in breast imaging and an innovator in women’s health, with multiple recent advancements in AI-screening technology, Solis Mammography’s philosophy of providing clinical and technical excellence in a patient-focused environment is a four-decade-long tradition.

The acquisition represents a shared vision of empowering patients to choose a better experience through a caring, compassionate and patient-centered standard of care.

“Gainesville is a dynamic and rapidly growing market,” said Grant Davies, President and Chief Executive Officer of Solis Mammography. “As we build on MUSIC’s strong foundation, we want to enhance patient access to leading-edge health and wellness services, particularly in the area of breast imaging. By marrying technical innovation and superb clinical leadership with a high-touch, patient-centric experience, we’re able to advance our mission of early detection and impact more lives.”

About Solis Mammography
Solis Mammography, a premier women’s health company and the nation’s largest independent provider of specialized breast health services, has been dedicated to elevating mammography services and maintaining breast health and peace of mind for almost 40 years. Headquartered in Addison, Texas, Solis Mammography operates more than 130 centers in 18 major markets, including Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, South Texas, Utah, Denver, Phoenix, Tucson, Philadelphia, Columbus, Nashville, North Carolina, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Gainesville, Florida, and through its affiliated brands Washington Radiology and Progressive Radiology, Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Solis Mammography is pioneering a boutique-style retail healthcare experience. The company operates both wholly owned centers and multiple successful joint venture partnerships with large hospital systems and prominent medical and academic institutions.

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