SF Student Life “Learn • Lead • Live”


“Learn • Lead • Live” is the tagline for Student Life at Santa Fe College (SF) and our work truly exemplifies that. One of the most important things students can do while attending SF is to get involved and stay connected. Student Life is committed to creating and supporting opportunities for involvement, leadership, and service on campus and in the community through multiple offices and initiatives.

Student Activities hosts numerous social, educational, and wellness events. These activities add to the college experience for students by creating a stronger campus community and a more involved student body. During the first weeks of the semester we welcome students to campus with welcome stations, “Safe Santa Fe”, “Club Rush”, “Vendor Fair” and “Hispanic Heritage Month Kick-Off”.

The Civic Engagement and Service Office (CES) is committed to providing volunteer, advocacy, and educational opportunities to students, faculty, and staff while fostering humanitarianism, practical competence, leadership skills, and global citizenship. We connect students to our local community through programs like “Volunteer Expo”, “Civics Fair”, and monthly service projects.  

The Multicultural Student Center (MSC) supports international students as they transition to Santa Fe in order to achieve success. MSC also coordinates monthly cultural awareness events for all SF students to learn about different cultures across the world.

SF students benefit from having an active Student Government (SG). SG is modeled after the national government and includes the executive, legislative and judicial branches. SG also has a fourth programming branch that is dedicated to designing and implementing student-centered events and activities. There are also over 50 different clubs and organizations that students can join depending on their area of study or interest.

The goal of our Leadership Programs is to support, train, and encourage students to become leaders on campus and beyond. Through workshops in our “Emerging Leaders” and “Engaged Leaders” series and conferences, students can develop their personal strengths and the skills necessary for individual and professional success.

All of these areas in Student Life help reinforce skills that employers expect from college students including teamwork, leadership, communication, problem-solving, flexibility/adaptability, creativity, and organizational ability. Student Life provides co-curricular opportunities for students to put these into practice whether it’s running a meeting or managing a budget for a club/organization or in Student Government, working as a team to accomplish a service project, learning about another culture at one of our cultural awareness events, or attending training on specific leadership skills through our leadership programs. We truly want our students to “Learn • Lead • Live”.

For more information, contact Tracey Reeves, Director of Student Life at Santa Fe College, at [email protected] or (352) 395-5912.

By Tracey Reeves

Tracey Reeves is the Director of Student Life at Santa Fe College.

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