Q & A with Bounds Heating & Air: improve air quality to improve health


The Business Report recently sat down with Robert and Bryan Bounds, VP and Treasurer of local Gainesville business Bounds Heating & Air, to discuss their company values, changes in their industry, and the importance of monitoring and maintaining air quality in your home.


TBR: How do you describe your business to new clients or those who may be new to the Gainesville and greater Alachua County region?

Bounds: We’re here to provide installation and maintenance for all heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and service all makes and models. We also help people maintain the highest possible air quality in their homes. We’re basically a full-service whole home comfort provider.


TBR: How long has Bounds Heating & Air been in business?

Bounds: We’re a 100% family owned and operated business that was started by our father, Bobby Bounds, in 1988. Currently we have more than 60 employees and are among the only Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers in the area.


TBR: When it comes to indoor air quality, what are some of the biggest issues you commonly see in people’s homes?

Bounds: The biggest problem is a lack of proper ventilation. Newer homes these days are built to be very tight and have very little infiltration. As a result these homes contain a higher level of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, such as formaldehyde. Some people’s houses can actually have lower air quality than some outdoor polluted areas, which of course can be potentially damaging for health.


TBR: That sounds pretty scary. So, for people concerned about maintaining high indoor air quality in their home, what steps can they take?

Bounds: It comes down to three main things: keeping your HVAC unit properly serviced, maintaining proper ventilation and fresh air circulation, and upgrading your filters and keeping them clean. When our team goes out to a do a home visit, these are all things we handle for them in order to ensure the air in their house is 100% healthy and safe.


TBR: What do you consider to be the most important aspect of running a successful business in the greater Gainesville area?

Bounds: We’ve really come to realize that placing an emphasis on customer service is absolutely vital. Customer service is everything. And, along with that idea, is the way a company treats their employees. We know that if you treat your employees like family, and really take care of them, then they’re going to be happy to come to work and when they go out on service calls they’re going to treat your customers right. That’s why we have such low turnover and such happy clients.


TBR: What do you consider to be the best part of your job?

Bounds: Seeing our new employees develop. They’re not just learning to excel in a trade, they’re really growing a new passion. We have the best guys we’ve ever had on our team right now, and that’s been amazing. Along with keeping our customer safe, healthy, and happy, learning from the different people we work with each day is just really rewarding.


Bounds Heating & Air provides expert heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) services to Newberry, Gainesville, and surrounding North Florida communities. Contact them at (352) 472-2761, or http://boundshvac.com/.

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