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Jay Carter Martin is a big believer in positivity. He’s also a big believer in networking, work ethic, and building a team of people who are able to take a vision and run with it. That’s how this young entrepreneur is taking on each opportunity that sparks his interest.

While Jay’s initial plan was to pursue sports management, he quickly found his childhood love of music making itself more prominent in his adult life. After purchasing a camera, shooting a music video, and receiving 40,000 views on Facebook, the calls for marketing and video promotion started coming. Jay realized this potential and began expanding his skills as his business grew, soon exploring social media marketing, adding wedding videography, and creating more music. Eventually, these interests grew into Dream Dedicated, Jay’s video advertising agency.

“When you’ve got big goals, you’ve got to move fast and you’ve got to move consistently.”

It’s new goals and interests that keep Jay going every day. He’s heard the critique of too many projects at once resulting in average results (instead of being exceptional in one area), but that doesn’t concern him. Giving up things he’s passionate about isn’t what he wants, especially when he sees the potential impact each area of his business can have.

“That [being the best in one niche] might be your goal, but it’s not mine.”

With his hand in so many different projects, burnout is something Jay’s dealt with a few different times. He spoke to Collin and Michael about his battle with depression, when he found himself questioning everything he had done. So many entrepreneurs feel anxiety and depression with uncertainty, and Jay realized how much self-awareness and meditation could help keep him grounded amidst 14 hour days and deadlines.

“Burnout comes from physical and mental exhaustion.”

Since Dream Dedicated’s founding in 2018, Jay has learned how to manage his energy in a way that keeps both him and his business running smoothly. A large part of this energy management comes from building a team of capable, empowered individuals who are just as excited to see Jay’s vision come to life as he is.

“The reason why I attract a lot of things to me is that I motivate and give positivity.”

Jay isn’t ready to slow down anytime soon. He’s still excited to wake up early every morning, pursue his dreams, and make an impact in his community. By staying away from comparison and prioritizing mentorship, he’s got his focus set on the good to come.

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