Patient, Passionate, and Personable: Wendy Wiggs

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Wendy Wiggs of PRP Regeneration Specialists decided to open her own business in Gainesville to expand her passion for helping people achieve their best life through regenerative medicine.

Wiggs moved to Gainesville when she was in the eighth grade. Following graduation, her parents thought she would make a great nurse so they enrolled her in the Sante Fe nursing program. At 19, Wiggs earned her Registered Nurse (RN) degree and began working in various fields of nursing, from cardiology to dermatology. 

After 25 years in floor nursing, Wiggs decided to become a nurse practitioner. She moved a lot for her husband’s career and resided in Lakeland for a couple of years. During her time there, she earned her graduate degree at the University of South Florida. She realized that people didn’t like taking long-term medications for pain, so she decided to become a specialist in pro treatments.

“It was my passion coming out of nurse practitioner school to really make a difference and make an impact on people’s lives and look at focusing on prevention and health and wellness.”

Wiggs got a job working in urology as a nurse practitioner. After six months, she transitioned into working at a private gynecology office. She worked at the office for eight years, but after a while, she felt like there was something more in her life that she could accomplish.

After seeing a need for alternative treatments for joint and tendon pain, Wiggs founded her business, PRP Regeneration Specialists, in 2017. She attributes having a tool that’s easy for customers to leave reviews as a key to business growth. Customers won’t leave reviews if they have to hunt down the app or try to figure it out on their own. She recommends a company that has simplified the process of completing reviews for her business. 

“I found out about a company called Doctible. Every patient that leaves our building either gets an email or a text asking them to rate us out of 5 stars or leave a review.”

The outcomes and the success of Wiggs’s treatments come from years of training in different modalities and training with different experts. Her greatest takeaway is being able to do the best she can for the people that know her. She has clients that have been following her for over 15 years and continue receiving treatments under her care.

“Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business. There is nothing better than having somebody who knows you and has had treatments with you and now they recommend you.”

Today, she now has over 500 patients. Opening her own business has allowed her to explore her niche for helping people and practice nursing the way she’s always wanted to practice it. 

“A lot of my patients are like my friends. I care about them and I know about their families. I think that makes a difference for people when they feel comfortable and can pretty much tell you anything in confidence.”

Listen to the 119th episode of the WHOA GNV podcast to hear more about Wendy Wiggs’s journey from becoming a nurse practitioner to starting her own business.

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