PAM@Loften student earns perfect score on certification exam


A freshman at the Professional Academies Magnet @ Loften High School (PAM@Loften) has earned a perfect score on a national industry certification exam.

Katie Bryant, who is enrolled in the school’s Institute of Graphic Art and Design (IGAD), earned a score of 1000 on the Adobe Certified Associate ACA exam in Photoshop, becoming the first ACPS student to earn a perfect score on that exam.

Bryant says all their preparation for the exam came during classes taught by teacher Jennifer Barrett, who directs IGAD, which is a career tech magnet academy open to students throughout Alachua County. Despite some initial concerns beforehand, Bryant gained confidence while actually taking the exam.

“I felt like I knew every answer,” they said. “Ms. Barrett really helped us with the planning and practicing and really jamming the information into our heads.”

Barret says she’s proud of her student’s accomplishment, especially coming so early in the program.

“Katie is the kind of student you wish you could clone–always upbeat, involved and eager to learn new things,” she said.

Bryant ultimately hopes to become a graphic designer or video game artist and says a love of art and drawing led them to the IGAD program. But it’s the sense of community that is most enjoyable.

“I really enjoy the people around me,” they said. “It’s a smaller environment where you know everybody and we’re always supporting each other.

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