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 A new software that eliminates transcription errors in health care and law-enforcement interviews

This software, designed for tablets and notebook computers, takes existing interview templates and transforms them into more intuitive and organized flowcharts with a convenient graphical user interface and touch-screen control. It automatically sends data to a server for safekeeping.

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New algorithms for faster publish/subscribe systems used by online retailers

These algorithms permit faster response times in publish/subscribe systems, which identify and display new products of interest based on consumer’s past behavior, often used by sites like Amazon, Orbitz and YouTube.

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A new quantum dot hybrid OLED that emits warm white light without sacrificing efficiency

This OLED technology combines a sprinkling of quantum dots with an organic diode film that produces attractive white light at an efficient energy cost with enhanced optical properties. This technology will enable the development of next-generation OLED lighting panels.

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A new power management tool for energy-efficient, “green” data centers

This new tool reduces carbon dioxide emissions for environmentally friendly computing by controlling power and power consumption in distributed generation systems by restricting power or releasing bursts as needed.

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A hand-held digital data mapper called the Gator Communicator

Designed to be an integral component of a real-time, mobile geographic information system, this tool uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to aid in the collection and verification of planning and engineering field data.

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A tunable silicon nanowire device for inexpensive LED screens, TVs and solar panels

This tunable, light-emitting optoelectronic device employs thin silicon nanowires as a high-efficiency, low-cost semiconductor for complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor integrated circuits for use in high-performance electronics.

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