Meet the Florida High Tech Corridor’s 2019 “Faces of Technology”


Three Gainesville-area innovators were named among the Florida High Tech Corridor’s 2019 “Faces of Technology,” earning the distinction for their work to advance gene therapy, synthetic bone grafts and vacuum technology, respectively:

  • Sushma Ogram, Director of Development and Analytics, Brammer Bio
  • Douglas Rodriguez, Manager of Research and Development, NovaBone
  • Paul Sergile, Director of Engineering, ANCORP

In all, twelve professionals from across the 23-county Florida High Tech Corridor region have beenhonored as 2019 “Faces of Technology” for contributing to the advancement of research and innovation in the region’s 10 high tech industry sectors targeted for growth.

From first-time entrepreneurs to seasoned executives, these impressive leaders exemplify the talented workforce available to support new and growing tech companies across the region. Featured online at, this year’s “Faces of Technology” are:

  1. Kyle Dolan, CTO, Rewired Solutions (Sarasota) – Dolan builds efficient software tools to recruit talent for scaling businesses.
  2. Sean Dotson, President and CEO, RND Automation & Engineering (Bradenton) –Dotson oversees the advancement of automation solutions and machine design.
  3. Cali Fidopiastis, Chief Scientist, Design Interactive (Oviedo) – Fidopiastis specializes in developing virtual and augmented reality software for human performance.
  4. Alina Frey, Software Engineer, Space Coast Intelligent Solutions (Melbourne) – Frey supports a software baseline of more than a million lines of code and more than a terabyte of data, which is used by scientists and subject-matter experts to serve an ongoing mission in atmospheric and nuclear treaty monitoring activities.
  5. Amy Gowder, Vice President and General Manager of Training and Logistics, Lockheed Martin (Orlando) – Gowder leads the team employing state-of-the-art gaming technology to create virtual reality training and maintenance devices for all branches of the military.
  6. Tyler Hyatt, Lead Software Engineer, Propak Software / Time Portal LLC (Winter Haven) – Hyatt created an intricate, cloud-based timekeeping program that allows farmers to easily inventory personnel tasks and compensation rates.
  7. Sushma Ogram, Director of Development and Analytics, Brammer Bio (Alachua) – Ogram applies her extensive background in molecular virology to engineer viruses used in gene therapy to treat inherited diseases.
  8. Samyr Qureshi, Co-Founder and CEO, Knack Technologies (Tampa) – Qureshi leads the founding team of a mobile app that fosters peer-to-peer tutoring, mentorship and job opportunities.
  9. Vanaja Ragavan, President and CEO, Aviana Molecular Technologies (Orlando) – Ragavan leads a skilled team of experts improving diagnostic biotechnology for those in need.
  10. Douglas Rodriguez, Manager of Research and Development, NovaBone (Alachua) – Rodriguez oversees R&D for synthetic bone grafts and delivery systems, which are engineered to accelerate the body’s natural healing process.
  11. Paul Sergile, Director of Engineering, ANCORP (Williston) – Sergile develops vacuum technology and related components that are relied upon in products for both the household and high tech industry.
  12. Dorian Vee, Co-Founder and CTO, Imerza (Sarasota) – Vee researches and develops virtual reality, 3-D visualization and interactive applications for real estate development and urban design.

“It’s humbling to know these remarkable professionals call our region home, especially considering the implications of their work to be truly life-changing for people around the world,” said Ed Schons, president of The Corridor Council, which is co-chaired by the presidents of the University of Central Florida, the University of South Florida and the University of Florida, and serves as the region’s guiding authority. “The success of our economic development initiative rests largely on the shoulders of these passionate professionals and their peers who continually raise the bar for innovation.”

Launched in 2008, The Corridor’s “Faces of Technology” initiative has recognized the efforts of more than 160 people who represent the more than 250,000 high tech scientists and technologists driving diverse clusters of innovation throughout the region. For more information about The Corridor region and its “Faces of Technology,” visit

About the Florida High Tech Corridor Council

The Florida High Tech Corridor Council (The Corridor Council) is an economic development initiative of three of the country’s largest research institutions: the University of Central Florida, the University of South Florida and the University of Florida. Chaired by presidents of the three universities, its mission is to attract, retain and grow high tech industry and innovation – and the workforce to support it – in a 23-county region known as the Florida High Tech Corridor (The Corridor). By facilitating collaborations between partners in academia, industry and economic development, The Corridor Council creates communities with unlimited potential. Learn more at and search “Florida High Tech” to connect on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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