Improve your financial health in 2018


As business persons, we all have business plans. Whether they are a written formal plan or a plan kept in our memory. Our business plans are integrated into our daily life as we work on our business. As we close the books on 2017 you will most probably take some time over the holidays to revisit your business plan. You may even partake in the annual tradition of the dreaded New Year’s resolution. One resolution worth making and keeping is to work on assessing and improving your financial health. Challenge yourself to make a financial plan this New Year. A financial plan can help you navigate through and be prepared for the many stages of your life.

While there are countless resources and calculators available online to help you with the number crunching; working with a seasoned Certified Financial Planner will help you produce a more thoughtful plan. When ill, we all can go on a medical website to check our symptoms, but what if we are not asking the right questions? What about underlying factors? You need a professional, in this case a doctor, to help make sense of your symptoms and determine the best path to treatment.

A certified financial planner’s value comes not only from marshaling your investments towards your goals, but in helping you identify your goals and a steadfast process to attain them. Your planner can alert you to potential pitfalls that could derail these goals and your hopes and dreams for the future. You should be prompted and challenged by your planner to help you define your goals; then provide you with a plan that he or she will use to help guide you through the myriad of life’s complexities, from college funding and retirement planning to life insurance, disability and long term care plans. Make no mistake; a good financial plan is a thoughtful exercise that requires a commitment of time and resources.

Keep in mind a financial plan is not carved in stone, it’s constantly updated as your goals and dreams change. Good luck on your resolutions and here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2018.

By Christopher J. Conner, CFP

Christopher J. Conner, CFP Managing Director [email protected]

(352)225-3132 2727 NW 43RD Street, Suite 1 Gainesville, FL 32606


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