Hire Right or Hire Twice! | Jason Carr of Express Employment Professionals


Jason Carr started his career out working a crappy job in retail. He worked up to being a manager at Walmart and then Lowe’s, dealing with angry customers and demanding hours day in and day out. 

When he happened upon a customer buying a barbecue in his store, he was confronted with the question of whether he was happy working in retail. That chance connection was the owner of the Ocala Express Employment Professionals franchise. 

Jason ended up with a business card, then an interview, and then a job working as a staffing consultant. From there, he’s started his own franchise in Gainesville, connecting businesses and local talent.

Now, Jason helps young job seekers find employment that suits them while coaching businesses on what they’re looking for. In a hiring market where employees are in the driver’s seat, businesses have to pay attention to what they’re offering. 

One of the biggest mistakes Jason sees from businesses is offering wages below market value. Though minimum wage is increasing soon, we’re already seeing rising wages that are reflecting higher costs of living for workers. From a staffing perspective, Jason recommends beating minimum wage by a long shot to make your business more attractive. 

But it’s not just about increasing wages for new employees. You’ll need to strategize raises for current workers, consider your benefits package, and find out just what employees are looking for. It might be working from home, professional development time, or flexibility. Knowing this helps sweeten the deal and get you the best team for your business.

Listen to episode 165 of the WHOA GNV podcast to hear more from Jason about navigating the new hiring market!

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