GRU Warns Customers of Utility Payment Scam


Customers of Gainesville Regional Utilities are being urged to take caution when paying their next utility bill.

GRU customers have reported receiving phone calls claiming that their utility bill is past due and their service will be disconnected, according to a news release. The scammers, who may be posing as GRU representatives, inform customers that someone will come to their house to collect a cash payment.

“We do not contact customers by phone to demand immediate payment,” said Mary Alice Brown, GRU’s customer service manager. “Customers can check their account status 24/7 by calling 352-334-3434.”

Customers of other utilities throughout Florida have faced a similar scam when asked to make an immediate payment via a prepaid debit card.

Customers who are unsure about the authenticity of correspondence appearing to be from GRU can contact GRU’s Customer Service Department at 352-334-3434. Suspicious correspondence should be reported to the Gainesville Police Department.

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