Gatorland Toyota opens conference room to nonprofits

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A local car dealership has begun offering free conference room space to nonprofits.

Groups can now book meetings at Gatorland Toyota, located at 2985 N. Main St.

Spokeswoman Ellen Walther said the facility, available for reservation during the dealership’s business hours,  includes a 32-seat conference room and attached kitchen with microwave, refrigerator and tables and chairs.

So far, she said, no groups have taken advantage of the Gainesville dealership’s facility, but the company’s other stores in Bradenton and Sarasota have had some takers on identical offers.

Walther said making the space available seemed to be a good way to give back to locals.

“We want to be able to extend what we have available to our community to use when we’re not using it,” she said.

Interested groups can schedule events by contacting [email protected] or 941-567-2660 ext. 2030.

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