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Tips from April 2015’s Frequent Flyer Jason Czaplewski


What is your job and how long have you lived in Gainesville?

My background is technical, with an Electrical Engineering Bachelors from UF.  After graduation I worked at Shands for 13 years in both an IT role and ultimately, after earning my MBA, as a manager of the Pharmacy IT and drug spends.  In 2010, my accomplishments in this role helped me gain recognition by a Silicon Valley company, Omnicell, Inc. who was intrigued by my work with analytics and supply chain. I have worked for Omnicell ever since as a strong form product development leader for their analytics product, Pandora.  This particular product helps keep patients safe by looking for nursing diversion (taking pain medications meant for patients for their own addictions) among caregivers in hospitals.


Favorite airport to fly into & why

Gainesville.  No, really!  It’s home and it means the end of a long work week in a small, quaint airport.  Believe it or not, Detroit airport is actually very pretty with its central fountain and layout.


Most interesting place you’ve been & why

Gloucestershire, UK.  Best known for their annual cheese roll, though our visit was in January, when the hills were snow covered for the first time in years.  It was a beautiful, snowy scene which shut down the Cotswold area as they were unused to any snowfall.  My poor wife was stuck in the lodge for 2 days while I attended business meetings.


Worst travel experience

Traveling between Boston and San Francisco, I had to split between two airlines. Because the two had no union agreements to handle baggage, they were going to make me exit security mid trip, grab my bag at baggage claim, recheck it, and then catch my flight, all within 50 minutes.  I canceled the trip and never flew them again.


Top travel tip

Roller bags, while convenient, can’t be shoved into an overhead bin on small flights.  I’ve ditched the roller bag and started using a large sports bag that holds just as much and conforms to overheads (even on CRJ 200’s!).  Brief cases are difficult to carry with other luggage.  I’ve ditched the fancy brief case and gone to a backpack for all but fancy customer visits.


Top five items in your carry on bag

Tablet, noise canceling headphones, aspirin, phone, and empty water bottle to avoid high captive audience fees on water (many airports have bottle fill stations, including Gainesville).


You’ve made it back to your hotel room after a long day of traveling. How do you relax?

Shower and phone call home…best way, hands down.


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