Exactech Presents New Research Showcasing AI Platform’s Accuracy, Reliability and Performance

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Exactech, a global medical technology leader, presented new research that showcases the accuracy, reliability and performance of the company’s Active Intelligence® (AI) ecosystem of smart technologies, at the 2024 International Society for Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery (CAOS) annual meeting in Groningen, Netherlands.  

The first study reported accuracy of 2mm and 2 degrees relative to the CT-based surgical plan of ExactechGPS® for total ankle arthroplasty, a first-of-its kind technology.1 Powered by Exactech AI, GPS uses proprietary active tracker technology and a compact touchscreen tablet in the sterile field to provide surgeons with real-time analytics throughout the planning and execution of total joint surgery.  

“Exactech is on the cutting edge with the first enabling technology for total ankle arthroplasty, which allows for precise and accurate planning and execution of ankle replacement surgery through continuous guidance,” said GPS Ankle design team surgeon and study author Edward Haupt, MD, of the Mayo Clinic in Fla. “This research builds on a system that has been proven to be precise and accurate in thousands of knee and shoulder cases.”  

Other research highlighted the superiority of the company’s Newton® knee balancing technology to reliably acquire joint laxities through the full range of motion compared to manual methods.2 In addition, another study showed the option for the surgeons to personalize the targeted joint laxities when using Newton for total knee replacement surgery.3 Additionally, three studies demonstrated Exactech’s focus on AI with continuous advancements, including addressing the most challenging image-related constraints, establishing new high-performance metrics to address the clinical limitations of conventional ones, and facilitating continuous monitoring of the growing shoulder reconstruction activity.4-6  

“This new research showcases Exactech’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI for total joint surgery, and we were pleased to be recognized with a CAOS Emerging Researchers Award for our technical presentation,” said Laurent Angibaud, Vice President of Advanced Surgical Technologies Development at Exactech. “Driven by continuous discoveries, the Exactech AI platform presents the latest medical technology innovations that address clinical needs across the continuum of care.” 

Exactech AI is an ecosystem of smart solutions that provides unparalleled support to surgeons in and out of the operating room. With powerful planning software, prediction tools, surgical technologies and engagement opportunities, Exactech AI empowers surgeons with data-rich, low-cost solutions that are designed to improve patient outcomes. 

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