Due to Hurricane Nicole, HSNCF has cancelled Woofstock 2022

Due to Hurricane Nicole, HSNCF has cancelled Woofstock 2022

With Hurricane Nicole rapidly approaching, HSNCF made the decision to cancel Woofstock 2022 set to be held this evening, November 10 at Santa Fe River Ranch

As the largest annual fundraiser for the local Humane Society, they have moved the entire silent auction online.  Items are currently available for bids over the next two weeks and can be found here. Over 270 items are available.

A note from the event’s title sponsor, Fine, Farkash and Parlapiano was distributed with the cancellation announcement this week.

“We at Fine, Farkash & Parlapiano (FFPLaw) are truly honored to be a part of Woofstock, as their title sponsor. Saying “yes” to Margot’s proposal to be the title sponsor of Woofstock was an easy decision for us. The local humane society and the other founding agencies of the HSNCF have been dedicated in serving pets in Alachua County for more than 40 years and FFPLaw has been representing our neighbors with their legal needs for that long too. Our firm is committed to giving back to the community. 


In addition, we are proud to give support to HSNCF because of their accomplishment in reducing euthanasia and we support their vision, “To make North Central Florida a sustainable no-kill community where we strive to act as advocates for pets and pet owners, match pets and people for a lifetime, and promote the spaying and neutering of companion animals through education and outreach.”


We are sure you are all as disappointed as we are about the cancellation of the 2022 Woofstock event, but we are looking forward to the online auction. The HSNCF does such important work in our community, and they need all of us more now than ever. Their roof is in desperate need of repair in addition to the needs they already fulfill for our local companion animals. FFPLaw will continue to support HSNCF in future Woofstock events and throughout the year and we encourage you all do the same. I want to thank everyone who supports the Humane Society of North Central Florida and encourage everyone to support this worthwhile organization in any way you can – donate, adopt or volunteer. The animals will thank you and so will we. Let’s make this fundraiser their biggest ever!”

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