Building Relationships in Real Estate: The Basics of Business Ethics & Etiquettes


Trust is an essential element in the relationship built between a seller, buyer and his/her real estate agent. In order to establish trust, a real estate agent must add value. “We are not really not motivated by selling houses,” says Craig Wilburn, CRS, GRI, CSP. “We are passionate about adding value to human beings through the opportunity we get to serve them through real estate. The volume of home real estate transactions we get to take part in every year is a direct result of how proficient we are at adding value to the lives of those with which we work. So the highest reward for Team Dynamo and myself is seeing how lives literally improve as a result of the engaging business relationships that we build.”

Craig Wilburn has dominated real estate in the Gainesville region for over 15 years. He founded his company Team Dynamo and joined Keller Williams family of Realtors® in 2014. Wilburn is an impassioned leader, speaker, entrepreneur, Realtor®, and family man; and as a sought-after speaker and real estate educator, he inspires and encourages fellow and aspiring professionals in the industry.

Wilburn cautions, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression. There is a huge opportunity in establishing a positive first impression when it comes to starting a potential new relationship.” The relationship built with clients is more valuable to Team Dynamo than the potential home sale opportunity. They develop trust by conducting extensive consulting sessions with all of their clients to make sure they completely understand their needs and objectives. Next, they offer access to resources, tools and systems to provide support and create ease throughout their clients’ real estate journey. Then, they do what they say they will do consistently over time, to prove to their clients that they can be trusted.

“As a realtor, we are held to a higher standard of business conduct governed by the Realtor Code of Ethics. Internally Team Dynamo has an additional layer of accountability that we train and review on weekly bases, which are our core values and mission statement. Business Ethics is paramount in the long-term success of Team Dynamo and there is never any room for variation from these standards,” Wilburn shares. Team Dynamo is built on the core values of support, excellence, growth, humility, solutions, and connection.

Enduring relationships prove to be a fundamental component for success in unstable markets, such as real estate. According to Keller Williams’ website, “The National Association of Realtors® reported home sales at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.22 million in October 2018, up from 5.15 million in September 2018, and 5.1 percent below the 5.5 million sales paces from a year ago.” Wilburn believes that 2019 will be an interesting year to see if there will be any market shifts for the residents of Gainesville and Alachua County. Despite any shifts in the market, Wilburn is confident in the relationships that he and Team Dynamo have built over time.

“Business ethics and etiquette are potentially the secret weapon in our overall long term success,” explains Wilburn.

On Feb. 2, he will share additional insight delineating his secret weapon with guests and attendees at Gainesville Black Professional’s Leadership Conference. “I hope to help the attendees gain a little more insight and a revised perspective on the potential opportunities that are present in business when we practice good ethics and the long term threats to us when we choose not to pay attention to ethics.” Wilburn is more than happy to speak at the conference. “One of my passions is being able to share with others some of the lessons I have learned throughout the years to add value to others’ lives.”

The GBP Leadership Conference, taking place on Feb. 2 at 9am at the Santa Fe College’s Fine Arts Hall, provides business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals an opportunity to network, exchange views and build partnerships while developing their leadership styles, team management skills and abilities to narrate and share their stories. Local subject matter experts, such as Craig Wilburn, Scott Schroeder, Erika Dawkins, Romona Jackson, Jaron Jones, Ph.D. and Naima Brown, Ph.D. will share professional development tips and advice with attendees.

By Xposure Consulting Firm, Inc.
from with excerpts from an interview with Team Dynamo, Inc.’s President and Team Leader Craig Wilburn, CRS, GRI, CSP, also a Realtor® with Keller Williams Realty of Gainesville

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