Back-to-School Safety

Back-to-School Safety

​With schools starting this week, Alachua County Fire Rescue would like to share important tips about back-to-school safety. 


While driving, pay attention to school zones and be sure to follow the speed limit. Be aware of children crossing the street around schools, playgrounds, neighborhoods and other areas. Share the road with buses. Never pass a bus if it is stopped to pick up or drop off children.


If your child takes the bus or uses another transportation service, be sure to review their routes with them. Teach children to stand six feet away (or three large steps) from the curb while waiting for their vehicle. Remind children to never walk behind the bus and to stay vigilant at all times.


For children who walk to and from school, remind them to walk on a sidewalk whenever possible. Make sure children stop and look left, right and left again whenever crossing a street. Children should check for vehicles before walking at a crosswalk or intersection. If your child rides a bike, they should ride on the right side of the road. They should make a complete stop before crossing a street and always wear a helmet.

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